Sunday, December 11, 2016


Hello friends! 

It has been a crazy (well, crazier than usual!) time in the Cogan household.  We have so much to share, and we will be blogging more regularly....but lately, we have been packing up the family and getting ready to move to New Orleans, Louisiana!! 

Daddy will be headed to Tulane to teach and work on a research project, while the rest of us explore New Orleans for the next 5 months!  This adventure might seem crazy, but it is amazing how much we are being provided for!  An amazing therapy option that was not accessible here will be available for Kai - which could be life-changing for him! 

And possibly the most amazing part - we've hesitated to let everyone know of this until we were sure - but Kassi is going to walk!  And there is a possibility that it will happen while we are in New Orleans!  If not, it will mean a long stay up north this summer, but we are hoping that it will be possible at the Shriner's in Shreveport.  She has an evaluation appointment on the 22nd and we will see! 

So with two parents, seven kids, four dogs (the fourth one is a story for another post!) and our cots and exercise balls (also a story for another post!), we're almost ready for New Orleans. 

The question is, is New Orleans ready for US?

(I'm not entirely certain that they will be able to handle this absolute cuteness!!) 
We leave on the 19th - and we would love to meet up with any readers who happen to be in the New Orleans area, so if you are one, please comment or email us!