Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Did you know? Today is World Down Syndrome day!

I hope that some of you rocked your crazy socks to celebrate! 

Reece's Rainbow, the amazing organization and community that we have become more and more a part of, is about adoption. But more specifically, it's about bringing home the beautiful children blessed with an extra chromosome who are often overlooked or looked down upon in other countries. So today, I'm highlighting a few of the precious faces on their website (with a couple extra precious ones thrown into the mix).  Please be sure to read all the way to the end, because the last kiddo has some special notes about him.

First, though, before we get to the kids, I'd like to mention a program that ends TONIGHT! If you would, can you please consider making a donation here:http://reecesrainbow.org/21daysofhope? This is a wonderful program that was created to fill the grants of a few of the children with DS each year who were struggling. This money will be given to their adoptive families, or if they age out without finding a family it will be gifted to another child. 

You can also support a family bringing home their child with Down Syndrome - here are three, but look around a bit on Reece's Rainbow for many more!




And now for the fun part! Meet the kids! As always, click on the child's name to learn more about them and email me (theworldwillchangeblog@gmail.com) if you think that one of these beautiful children might be yours! 

First up is sweet Miss Megan, who has been listed for 5 years: 

And here's Luke Anthony! Check out his other pictures (click the link) - he looks like so much fun! 

Smiley Madden

Handsome Asherton

Precious Jesse

Awesome Ansel

Dear Chad who is aging out very soon! A family needs to file a certain form before April - email me for more information! 

Darling Bella - 

Lovely Suzy who was hosted...so there's tons of information about her! 

Adorable little Neo

Cuddly baby Braxton!

Mikel with the super-spiffy glasses!

Little Laney

Sweet, precious Lisa who is NOT in a good place: 

Absolutely adorable Holly

Beautiful Joey:

Hilarious Mae (seriously, look at her pictures!)

Stunning little Mona

Precious Loman -

Handsome James -

Precious baby Simon:

Kent, with such a bright smile!

Gorgeous Quinn Leigh -

And oh, Jayce. I have no words - this child is fourteen years old. The left-hand picture is just a year or two old, but the second one is from this year. This is inexcusable.

And last but never least, Yancey

 Oh this boy has a special place in the hearts of my family! When each of the little 5 chose a child to be a Prayer Warrior for, Yancey was the one that spoke to Karwen's heart. She prays for this boy constantly!

Yancey ages out in October, but as we all know that is still doable! The difference between his adoption and our Kassi's is this - his will cost a fraction of what hers did! Yancey is eligible for a combined grant of $25,000!! $30,000 if he is adopted through the agency Madison! That is practically his entire adoption paid for!! If you think that you could be the family he has been waiting for, please email me as soon as possible! Several people have met this wonderful child, and I can give you all of the information that I have - just email. Please, oh please consider whether you might be his family!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month!

1. I am super special!  No one has the same CP!
2. I  get to find different ways to do things.

3. I get to teach people that being different can be fun.

4. It doesn't affect how smart I am.

5.I know how amazing it is to be able to do basic things like walk.

6. I have special helpers in my life.

7. If I have what I need it can't get worse it can only get better.

8. It isn't scary!

9. I think things just like other people.

10. CP is part of who I am.

11. CP doesn't disable your spirit, personality, or sense of humor!!!

~ Written and typed by Kai Nicholas Cogan, age 11

You may notice that the video is pre-Kassi. We're so glad to have her sweet smile in our pictures nowadays!

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Here's another sweet little guy that I'd like you to meet. 


Does he not have the most adorable smile?? 

A very kind and generous person has made a beautiful offer. I'm going to copy and paste it here: 

"I know Bert has been on many hearts in this group over the past two years. 
I am new to RR, but out of all the angels, he alone pulls the strongest at my heart. 
Here is a video of him from July 2015

And here is another video from June 2016 

He has updated pictures from this fall 2016 too.
Is there ANYONE that is considering him? Anyone that may be able to scoop him up or commit to him before he is moved to the institution? (He is going to be moved very very soon :(((( )
I am making this plea on his behalf, and if you are moved to rescue this sweet child, please message me.
I am willing to help take on any financial stress that is needed to adopt him. He has a good bit in his donation fund, but any other costs for his adoption, I would happily be able to take on (personally), if there is a family ready to commit.  
Our family cannot commit at this moment due to the travel needed, so I am sending out this plea for Bert, hoping that someone will hear.
If you are feeling called to him, and the financial stress of adopting him is stopping you- Please message me! This boy needs a family, and together we can make it possible."

Please do note that children from this country MAY have FAS, Autism, RAD or other institutional behaviors not diagnosed. But if you are interested, you can ask for his film and have a doctor review it!

I am more than happy to connect you with people who have experience with any of these conditions, with the process for his country, and possibly even people who have met him! I can also put you in contact with the person who can help with funding.

What they are saying here is this: don't think about the funds, think about this precious little boy! 

If he might be a good fit for your family, PLEASE email me (theworldwillchangeblog@gmail.com)! 

This darling little guy was born with Cerebral Palsy. 

I know, I know - that sounds so scary! But seriously, friends - it isn't!  I live with CP x2. It's not extremely severe, but it is CP.  

And guess what? 

We change our life around in some ways. 

But guess what else? 

It is no. big. deal. 

Because seeing this smile every single day? 

Or getting a kiss from this sweet face? 

THAT is a big deal. And I wouldn't trade that for anything. 

CP is not scary!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I wrote this five months ago, but never published it. That was a really hard week, and my heart was very raw. 

For almost exactly one month, Kassi never cried. 

One of the most traumatic months of her life - and she never shed a tear. 

Leaving everything that she has known for fourteen years, to go to a country where she only speaks three words of the language, with people that she had never seen before - and she kept a smile on her face.

Until she cried. 

When she finally let herself trust us, her forever family, enough to let out her emotions. 

What caused the tears? Us telling her that we would love her and never leave her - every day forever and ever. 

She really has no concept right now of what love means, but she is learning.  We are still (and likely will be for a while) working through the confusion that she has about the meaning of being a family. She told us today that she was worried that if we found another child to come into our family, we would "trade" her for them. We are reiterating over and over that we will ALWAYS love her and be her family, and we will never leave her! 

It was so heart-wrenching and painful - but watching Mama just hold her and rock her while Daddy held her hand as she cried was one of the most beautiful things that I have seen. 

She has had many more times of just needing to be held in the rocking chair while she lets out these big, hard emotions, and I know that she will have many more, but that day touched her heart as well - very, very deeply. Since then, she has told us that she loves us - and asked whether we loved her - over and over again.  She worked all afternoon on a picture thanking Mama for holding her and taking care of her, and she is singing us all of the songs that she knows about Mamas and Daddies taking care of their children!

My heart is aching so much right now for the children who have or will "age out" without coming home. Without hearing someone say that they will always be taken care of and loved - forever. Without being rocked by their Mama. Without hearing their Daddy call them "Baby" (Kassi's favorite name). 

Kassi is so worried about her friends in the orphanage, and the stories that she tells us about the children who sing the same songs that she is singing to us while they cry themselves to sleep - I can't imagine. Not many of us can. 

But I can imagine the loss to the world that occurs when one of these children loses that chance. I know how amazing our girl is and oh how I wish that everyone could have a Kassi in their life - and a Kellin, Karwen, Kai, Kolya and Kade, too! 

We are missing so much joy when we let these children stay where they are.

So much joy, so much love, so much light. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Rare Gems

  1. (of an event, situation, or condition) not occurring very often.
    synonyms:infrequentscarcesparse, few and far between,  like gold dust
Today is National Rare Disease Day! 

When the people who designated this day named it, I think they probably meant rare in the first sense - not occurring often. But I'd love it if we could think of the children represented by this label and remember that there is another definition of the word rare: 


I've not met these sweet, precious children (each of whom was born with a rare syndrome or other unusual quality), but I know that they are all remarkable.  

They are fearfully and wonderfully made - rare 'diseases' and all. 

These beautiful ones are, indeed, rare! Rare gems of great worth. 

And today, I'd like to introduce you to a few of those gems: 

There's Zachary








Each of these children was born with what society labels as a rare "disease". However, I'm not going to add the names of those conditions here, because I want you to see these faces as the children that they are, not as a syndrome. You can get more information on each of them if you click on their name, but first, remember that these are real kids with favorite colors, favorite foods and a wish for a family. 

If you feel that any of these rare gems might be the missing face in your family picture, email us at: theworldwillchangeblog@gmail.com 

I would be more than happy to connect you with people who have experience with these conditions, and who can help you with the first steps of the journey to your child!