Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Today is the day to celebrate love. Hearts are everywhere - 





Chocolate - 

Pretty much every possible color, shape or size that you could imagine!  

Some are simple....

And some.... 

Are not. 

But you don't often see a heart like this:

On Valentine's Day. 

Or, for that matter, hearts like this: 

Well, today we're going to change that. February also happens to be Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Month, and I'd like to introduce you to some kiddos who happen to have been born with "broken hearts". 

Some of these children can't have their photos posted, but click on their names anyway - it might just be your son or daughter that's hiding behind that silhouette! 

Look past their diagnosis and see the child that is there, waiting - is one of them waiting for you? 

Oh, his eyes!!!

He looks so serious! How I would love to see him smiling with his family! 

Sweet girl, you have the most adorable smile! 

He's only three years old - where is his family?! 
UPDATE: A wonderful advocate who has met Remmie was able to send me pictures of this sweetheart - and let me tell you, he is DARLING! Interested families please email me - I am allowed to share pictures personally but not publicly. 

Look at that face!! 

Handsome boy! He's waited almost 11 years for his family - could you be them? 

Oh, how I wish that I could see your face, precious girl. I pray that your family will see YOU behind that silhouette!

You certainly have a sparkle in your eye, Billy - I can only imagine how you'll blossom once you come home! 

Oh, Montgomery. You need a very special family, buddy. You need a family who will love you fiercely for the time that they have with you, and fight to help you have a chance at LIFE! I'm praying that your family will see you past the blue lips and the clubbed fingers and the scary, heart wrenching diagnosis. They need to see you soon! 

There isn't much written about this precious one, but I know that there is a real, live little boy behind that snippet of sterile information who is waiting for his family to come and get him!

I just want to scoop him up and cuddle him!! 
UPDATE: Johann has a family! 

There's a little bit of a smile in his picture, but I'd sure love to see the rest of his grin! 

Henry, you look like a handful - in all of the best ways!! An advocate who met him describes him as "so full of life and just adorable!"

Sweet baby girl looks like she's wondering about something - maybe she wants to know why her Mama isn't there yet? 
UPDATE: Gwen has a family coming! You can help them on their journey here: http://reecesrainbow.org/114304/sponsormyatt

All of these sweethearts were born with CHDs. But their biggest need? A family to love them and hold them tight through everything to come. 

Did you see your son or daughter here? If you did, and you'd like more information about them or how to bring them home, please email me at theworldwillchangeblog@gmail.com! 

I know multiple families who have adopted kiddos with CHD's ranging from very mild to quite "severe". I would be more than happy to put any interested families in touch with the right people to learn more! 

Happy Valentine's Day! 


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