Thursday, April 20, 2017


I've come to you with so many needs lately. 

Honestly, I need to be better about posting family updates as well as sweet waiting faces.  

And I will. 

But today, there's a very special family and a precious little boy that need our help. 

In my Valentine's Day post, Hearts, maybe you saw the face of sweet "Montgomery".  

It makes me so, so happy to tell you that "Montgomery", soon to be Joseph, has an amazing forever family racing to him! 

They will probably have him in their arms next month! 


They need support - especially, right now, prayrer.  

Expedited adoptions automatically have extra costs. Plane tickets have to be booked on short notice, paperwork has to be overnighted, and so many more factors. On top of that, raising the funds to complete any adoption is so much more difficult when you only have 3 months to do it! 

If that's not enough, Joseph's family just returned from Ch*na with their beautiful newest daughter. 

So today, friends, I'm coming to you and asking what you could do to help get Joseph home. 

Pray? Prayer is always the most important way to help. 

Donate? Could you give up your next meal at a restaurant and help Joseph's family get to him? 

Share their fundraising page, Journey to Joseph? Maybe you're the one who will show this story to someone who never would have seen it otherwise? 

What can you do? 

What is your part in Joseph's story? 

UPDATE: Joseph's family has a t-shirt fundraiser going on! Visit this link:
and grab a shirt - or 2 or 3! 

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