Monday, March 27, 2017

Purple Day!

Happy "Purple Day", everyone! 

Yesterday was Epilepsy Awareness day, but we were traveling, so today I'd like to show you the faces of some absolutely amazing kiddos who happen to have epilepsy.

If you think that one of these precious faces might fill the missing space in your family portrait, please email me at! I am happy to connect you with people who can answer questions about epilepsy, adoption, or the process for any of these countries.

Please, please consider whether you, perhaps, are being led to adoption. Are you living every day without a certain someone? Are they here? Is your son or daughter waking up across the world to another day of waiting?

And now, the kids!

First, Eric!! The cuteness here is unbelievable, friends! He doesn't have a link, but I'd be happy to connect you with the right people to get more information! Eric is not quite 2 years old and has mild epilepsy (medicated) and an abnormal MRI. He is currently listed with the agency Wasatch (contact for more information). 

Here's Mr. Benny!! He is currently listed with Holt. Benny turned 4 in November and has epilepsy. Here is a video of him! Benny came into care when he was about four months old. He has a seizure about once a month and is on medication (it seems that they haven't found the right medication for him yet). His speech is delayed, but he can speak several words and follow instructions. He goes to school and knows all his teachers and classmates. Benny is an active little guy with a ready smile. He loves colorful toys, cartoons and music. 

Sweet Petal doesn't have a photo that I can share, but if you email me I *may* be able to get one. She needs a family to see her and get her out of the institution and into a place where she can thrive!

Darling little Sydney. No words needed - she is stunning! 

Here's ShuangShuang! This is from an advocate who has met her, and is in contact with the foster home where this sweet girlie lives. " ShuangShuang is a beautiful 3 year-old little girl. She was born in August 2013 and found at approximately six months of age. Her medical report suggests that she has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. She enjoys music, sitting in her walker, playing outdoors and interacting with her caretakers. She is a precious little girl and she needs a family to help her reach her full potential. She is currently listed with Gladney's shared list program and the Gladney team has actually also recently met her. I have had the pleasure of meeting her also in July of 2015. She is beautiful, precious, and so so worthy of a forever family. Someone please see how special this little girl truly is!" If you email me, I will put you in contact with this advocate! 

Tony doesn't have a photo, either, but again, I can try to get one to share privately. He loves cars!!  It sounds like he would do best in a family without other children in the home, but regardless he needs a family! 

Mavis is just adorable! Are you her Mama? 

Handsome Jayson sounds like he would fit beautifully into a family! 

Oh my goodness Malcom has the most beautiful eyes! 

What a bright smile sweet Arwen has!

And precious Vijay, too! 'Vijay' means victory - I hope and pray that he will be victorious in his search for a family! 

Beautiful Lucia - "friendly and sweet". 

Larry looks like a curious little guy. Could he be yours? 

Oh, Jubilee - those curls!! 

Smiley Miss Caris

Clayton was originally listed with his twin brother, Caleb. However, sweet Caleb has passed away. Clayton's Mama and Daddy need to hurry! 

Isn't Heather just darling? 

And last but certainly not least, wonderful Harrison!

Again, please email me if you see your child here, or if you believe that you might be called to adoption!


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