Monday, March 27, 2017

National Cerebral Palsy Day!

March 25th, was National CP day! A day to celebrate the people in our lives who have Cerebral Palsy. People like our awesome Kai and Kassi!  

Kai wrote a post the other day about what CP means as a part of his life. If you haven't yet, would you read his words about this subject that's so close to our hearts? The post is here: Cerebral Palsy

Now, I'd like you to meet some beautiful kiddos who also have Cerebral Palsy. Can you look past the CP label and see them for who they are? These are just kids! Is one of them yours? 

If you think that you could be called to adoption, or that you might be the family that one of these sweet children is waiting for, please email me at! I am more than happy to put you in touch with the right people to learn more about adoption or any of these kids, and Mama and Daddy would love to chat with families about CP! 

And now, meet the kids! 

Handsome Zachary will age out in March 2018. He has plenty of time left for his family to complete the process, but they need to find him soon! There are videos and updated information if you click on his name. 

Sweet, sweet Nicki has my heart! She has been to an in-China camp, and the volunteers have so much to say about this precious girl! Click here to see what they had to say, to see more pictures and video! There's also more information on Wonderful Waiting Kids (search "Daisy"), but you need to request membership to see that. Precious Nicki sounds so very wonderful! 

Smiley Quinn!

Precious little Patty!

"Sunshine girl" Waniya

Beautiful Athens

Darling little Greg

Stunning Isabella

Adorable Cassie

Aston, who has CP, and his sister Lilian (follow the link to see her photo)! 

Handsome Harry

Lovely Selah Rose, who has both Epilepsy and CP! 

Precious Zeke - look at that smile! 

Amazing Anton who needs out NOW! 

Absolutely lovely Jessica!

Beautiful Bree!

Remember Bert? He's been posted here before

Adorable Miss Sarea

Sweet little Katerina, who has been transferred to an older childrens' institution!

Handsome Gibson

Beautiful Nevaeh (no link, but please contact me for more information)! 

Precious Shirley who would like to be adopted but will age out in February 2018! 

Sweet Sherman who was hosted in the U.S.! There is a wealth of information available for this little guy!  

Smiley Aleah

Spunky little Amber

And last but not least, lovely Sarah Anne

Finally, please check out Anderson Advocacy! This blog has multiple sweethearts with CP! 

Again, please email us with questions!


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