Thursday, March 2, 2017


Here's another sweet little guy that I'd like you to meet. 


Does he not have the most adorable smile?? 

A very kind and generous person has made a beautiful offer. I'm going to copy and paste it here: 

"I know Bert has been on many hearts in this group over the past two years. 
I am new to RR, but out of all the angels, he alone pulls the strongest at my heart. 
Here is a video of him from July 2015

And here is another video from June 2016 

He has updated pictures from this fall 2016 too.
Is there ANYONE that is considering him? Anyone that may be able to scoop him up or commit to him before he is moved to the institution? (He is going to be moved very very soon :(((( )
I am making this plea on his behalf, and if you are moved to rescue this sweet child, please message me.
I am willing to help take on any financial stress that is needed to adopt him. He has a good bit in his donation fund, but any other costs for his adoption, I would happily be able to take on (personally), if there is a family ready to commit.  
Our family cannot commit at this moment due to the travel needed, so I am sending out this plea for Bert, hoping that someone will hear.
If you are feeling called to him, and the financial stress of adopting him is stopping you- Please message me! This boy needs a family, and together we can make it possible."

Please do note that children from this country MAY have FAS, Autism, RAD or other institutional behaviors not diagnosed. But if you are interested, you can ask for his film and have a doctor review it!

I am more than happy to connect you with people who have experience with any of these conditions, with the process for his country, and possibly even people who have met him! I can also put you in contact with the person who can help with funding.

What they are saying here is this: don't think about the funds, think about this precious little boy! 

If he might be a good fit for your family, PLEASE email me (! 

This darling little guy was born with Cerebral Palsy. 

I know, I know - that sounds so scary! But seriously, friends - it isn't!  I live with CP x2. It's not extremely severe, but it is CP.  

And guess what? 

We change our life around in some ways. 

But guess what else? 

It is no. big. deal. 

Because seeing this smile every single day? 

Or getting a kiss from this sweet face? 

THAT is a big deal. And I wouldn't trade that for anything. 

CP is not scary!

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