Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Did you know? Today is World Down Syndrome day!

I hope that some of you rocked your crazy socks to celebrate! 

Reece's Rainbow, the amazing organization and community that we have become more and more a part of, is about adoption. But more specifically, it's about bringing home the beautiful children blessed with an extra chromosome who are often overlooked or looked down upon in other countries. So today, I'm highlighting a few of the precious faces on their website (with a couple extra precious ones thrown into the mix).  Please be sure to read all the way to the end, because the last kiddo has some special notes about him.

First, though, before we get to the kids, I'd like to mention a program that ends TONIGHT! If you would, can you please consider making a donation here:http://reecesrainbow.org/21daysofhope? This is a wonderful program that was created to fill the grants of a few of the children with DS each year who were struggling. This money will be given to their adoptive families, or if they age out without finding a family it will be gifted to another child. 

You can also support a family bringing home their child with Down Syndrome - here are three, but look around a bit on Reece's Rainbow for many more!




And now for the fun part! Meet the kids! As always, click on the child's name to learn more about them and email me (theworldwillchangeblog@gmail.com) if you think that one of these beautiful children might be yours! 

First up is sweet Miss Megan, who has been listed for 5 years: 

And here's Luke Anthony! Check out his other pictures (click the link) - he looks like so much fun! 

Smiley Madden

Handsome Asherton

Precious Jesse

Awesome Ansel

Dear Chad who is aging out very soon! A family needs to file a certain form before April - email me for more information! 

Darling Bella - 

Lovely Suzy who was hosted...so there's tons of information about her! 

Adorable little Neo

Cuddly baby Braxton!

Mikel with the super-spiffy glasses!

Little Laney

Sweet, precious Lisa who is NOT in a good place: 

Absolutely adorable Holly

Beautiful Joey:

Hilarious Mae (seriously, look at her pictures!)

Stunning little Mona

Precious Loman -

Handsome James -

Precious baby Simon:

Kent, with such a bright smile!

Gorgeous Quinn Leigh -

And oh, Jayce. I have no words - this child is fourteen years old. The left-hand picture is just a year or two old, but the second one is from this year. This is inexcusable.

And last but never least, Yancey

 Oh this boy has a special place in the hearts of my family! When each of the little 5 chose a child to be a Prayer Warrior for, Yancey was the one that spoke to Karwen's heart. She prays for this boy constantly!

Yancey ages out in October, but as we all know that is still doable! The difference between his adoption and our Kassi's is this - his will cost a fraction of what hers did! Yancey is eligible for a combined grant of $25,000!! $30,000 if he is adopted through the agency Madison! That is practically his entire adoption paid for!! If you think that you could be the family he has been waiting for, please email me as soon as possible! Several people have met this wonderful child, and I can give you all of the information that I have - just email. Please, oh please consider whether you might be his family!

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