Thursday, April 28, 2016


Last Friday, something happened which has encouraged and blessed us so very much! We thought that we'd tell you all about it as just one example of the wonderful ways that we are being provided for every day.

Because of this expedited adoption process, we are already packing for our trip to China. We know that Kassi uses a walker. We also know that we will need to take a wheelchair as well, particularly for airports and train stations. When we met Karwen, she used a wheelchair for long distances, but the one that the orphanage gave to us was literally falling apart as we walked down the street. We had begun looking online for affordable walkers on Friday morning.  We found a few workable options - a basic one with a seat was $55. Then, we had to leave for Kai's therapy appointment. We dropped him off, and right next door, sitting on the pavement outside of the Living Harvest Thrift Store was...the more expensive, $75 version of the walker that we had been looking at online - for $20! 

We came back to pick Kai up, and again, sitting in front of the store was...a perfect wheelchair - for $30! 

Both for less than we were going to pay for the one walker! Amazing?! 

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