Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Meet Kiran!

Hello friends, 

There is a very special little boy that we would like you all to meet! 

In the orphanage, Kassi had two best friends. One (MK) has a committed family and we are hoping and praying that she will come to America very soon! One still waits, and that is Kiran: 

Isn't he just PRECIOUS?!?! 
This amazing little guy is so smart and talented!!! He plays the drums, plays the piano, and sings - and he's just 7 years old! (We have videos!!) 

Kassi has told us SO much about this sweet boy. She is very, very worried about him, because, as she says "now that I am gone and MK is leaving too, he will be all alone!" He plays piano and sings songs about families and love and says every day that he wants to have a family of his own. She tells us that he always talks about how having a family is the only thing that he needs to be perfectly happy. We also know of two people who have met him personally and have said the same wonderful things about him. They would be happy to give more information!

His special need has been surgically corrected. We would be happy to put any interested families in touch with the right people to learn more! 

Are you his family? 

If you think that you might be, please email us at theworldwillchangeblog@gmail.com and we will help in any way possible!!! 

If you don't, would you please share this and pray with us that he finds his family very soon? 

****** UPDATE: Kiran has a family!!******

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