Friday, November 11, 2016

November is National Adoption Awareness Month!

So many children all over the world just need a loving family to THRIVE!!! We have been so very, very, very blessed by the journey that is adoption. 

Just look at these beautiful faces! 

And his  - 

Sweet Kiran:

And hers - 

Precious Emmaline:

And his - 

Darling Milo:

And hers - 
Beautiful Allie-Jo who is aging out very soon and desperately wants a family!

And the faces of the many, many others that wait - 

And please, please consider whether your family might be theirs. 

(The little 5 are singing part of There's Room for Everyone from Pete's Dragon.)

The lyrics are: 
"There's room for everyone in this world - will everyone make some room? Love given freely can spare this world, let friendly feelings bloom! Just give an inch, give a yard, never flinch! When the time comes to offer a hand...So let's all make sure we give everyone somewhere to stand! Just the way God planned it, just the way God planned!"



  1. Thanks for advocating for these children! I wanted to share the happy news that Emmaline has a committed family working on bringing her home.

    1. SO excited for her!!!! Thank you so very much for telling us - and if there is anything specific that we could do to help, please let us know!