Saturday, May 7, 2016

Kassi...with a K

Another one of the connections that we have been blessed with during this journey was with the Masse family.  They came home from China with their newest daughter last summer, and began the adoption process again. They found a precious child who was aging out in July and really tugged at their hearts... our Kassi! They did everything that they could to bring her into their family, but it just wasn't possible - now we all know why! They have added another sweet face to their family, her name is Tessa and she is adorable! She will come home to them this fall. 

The Masse's have been so supportive of our journey, and Emma, their eldest daughter, is working on some awesome fundraising surprises!

I told Emma that we were going to spell our sweet girl's name "Kassi" and she told me a story that was just so amazing that I asked her if we could share it! 

Her cousin, "D", had been so excited to bring Cassie home, and was heartbroken when she was told that it wasn't possible. She prayed every night for Cassie to find her family. One night, when Emma was spending the night at her cousin's house, "D" came running in to tell Emma that she had had a dream: Cassie was running and dancing because her feet were fixed! She had drawn a picture and written Cassie's name on it - but she had spelled it with a K! Emma reminded her cousin that "Cassie" was spelled with a C, but she insisted that it was a K in her dream! 

Well, "Cassie"s feet will be fixed - she will be able to run and dance, and her name will be spelled with a K

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