Friday, May 20, 2016

Where We Are and What Comes Next


No, this isn't just a random combination of letters -they are the next steps in our journey to Kassi! 

Here is the short version of what they are and what they mean, in chronological order. We should be DTC in about a week! 

DTC (Dossier to China): Our dossier, which is essentially a stack of paperwork with everything that anyone could ever want or need to know about our family, has been sent to China!

LID (Log-in Date): Our dossier is "logged in" to the system. 

OOT (Out of Translation): Our dossier has been translated and is ready for review!

LOA (Letter of Acceptance): A letter from the Chinese government asking whether we accept a particular child. If (when!) we accept, we are given full approval from the Chinese government to bring her home! 

TA (Travel Approval): We are officially approved to come get Kassi! 

There are several more steps between LOA and TA, but these are the biggest milestones. 

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