Friday, May 6, 2016


During the China adoption process, families are allowed to ask 10 questions about their child once they receive pre-approval (PA).  The answers take a while to come, though - we just got ours today! 

We do have to remember that this information may not be accurate, but her orphanage seems to be trustworthy. 

We learned that Kassi is very small for her age (not a surprise!) - she is almost exactly Kai's height. She is "super happy when she plays with other children", but "if you tell her she is not doing a good job, she is sad".  She is afraid of bugs, but likes pets. A good thing, too, because we have these furry family members: 

And right now, we even have a couple of these!

Kassi's favorite color is pink, and she likes to eat fruit. Her favorite things to do are reading and writing. 

We're coming as fast as we can! Just 78 days! 

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