Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hello from China!

Yesterday was a very big day.

First, it was our first day back in Guangzhou, which is our favorite city (that we have visited so far). For two of us it was the first day in China. And for those same two it was the first day with Kassi. 

Not to mention that it was her birthday! We celebrated with a Hello Kitty birthday cake (the one that she picked out at the grocery store) and presents. 

Mama and Daddy gave Kassi a charm bracelet with her birthstone on it, and the rest of us each chose a charm to put on it! 

Although it was a joyful day for us, yesterday was also the day that Kassi could have lost all chance of having a family. She would never have known the feeling of being loved.

She would never have been this:

Knowing her now, it is so incredibly painful to think of the "what ifs". What if we hadn't seen her picture? What if we hadn't made it in time? 

But we did, and we are together, and so very thankful. 

This post was co-authored by Kellin and Kenley, who are very glad to be able to work together again! 

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