Friday, July 8, 2016

Update and info

Hi everyone, sorry about the delay in posting, we have been going through last minute preparations/upheaval and Daddy, Kenley and Kolya are traveling for a conference that was planned pre-Kassi and really badly timed!

On Wednesday, we got an email giving us TA!  (So nice to travel with travel approval!!)

So that means that we are on step 15!!

We also got an unofficial update from a friend, including two beautiful pictures!!

We had sent a care package several weeks ago but it was lost in the Chinese Customs department.  It was found yesterday opened and crushed but nothing was missing and everything was sound.

Knowing that we had told her in our letter that there was a package coming for her, we knew that she would be sad, so you can imagine our surprise and joy when we found out that they had miraculously found it!!  
Now she will get all of our pictures, some new clothes, and our travel itinerary!!
(The letter that she is holding was written by a friend and it has our names and our travel plans.)

Hang on, sweet girl! We are almost there!!!
Only 15 days 'till her birthday, 
that makes 7 days till the first wave of Cogans leave for China!!
And 13 'till the second wave comes!!
and only   until we finally meet her!

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