Sunday, July 17, 2016


Tranquility Base to houston, we have landed!
The ground team finally landed after almost 28 hours.
(Just in case you are wondering, that is a looooooooooong time to be on an airplane)
We got to Skype with them, but not for very long, because it was almost 1:00 AM for them, and because of the aforementioned 28 hours of flying.

Tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM-ish,  (China time, here it will be 10:30 PM-ish) They will go to the civil affairs office, and Voila! New child!

Get it? 
28 hours on a plane, plus the civil affairs office equals Kassi!

(symbols crash)

I just can't wait.


  1. I can't quit looking at all of you !! Welcome Kassi from Aunt Bonnie in Lubbock Texas .....You are a beautiful girl and fit right in with the beautiful Kenley, Kellin,Kolya, Karwen, Kia,and Kade....How did all of you grow up so fast ???
    Your are a amazing family...Where are you now? Are you back home yet ?
    I must come see all of you and give hugs and get a bunch too ! I will wait until the weather cools off a bit both in Texas and Florida...I love all of you..Keely and Knick you have made a great life and family...I still remember you two at this age..Proud of you....Love Aunt B

    1. Hey Aunt Bonnie!!! I am SO happy to hear from you - I can't believe that the blog missed you somehow!
      Thank you for your beautiful words!
      We are still in Guangzhou, China! If everything continues as planned, we will be here until July 31st. We will keep you updated!!
      We would absolutely love that!!! Please come down and see us and you will get more hugs than you can possibly imagine!! :)

      Love you so much!!