Monday, January 16, 2017

Barrett Fundraiser - Pralines!

This fundraiser is now over! Look out for more coming soon! 

We are so happy to have the honor of being "Family Warriors" for the amazing Barrett family! This means that we will be praying for, fundraising for, and supporting them in any way that we can on their journey to their beautiful little girl who is waiting for them in Ch*na! 

The Barrett family are fellow Floridians and they are eagerly awaiting their new daughter/sister - Maeleigh! Please go and read more about them and their journey (and see Maeleigh's picture!) here:

I am SO excited of you amazing people is going to get a real *taste* of New Orleans!!!
Have you ever heard of a praline? No? Well, a praline is type of candy that's often associated with New Orleans. It's a creamy (very creamy!), carmel-y base full of Southern pecans.
Is your mouth watering yet? :)

The ones I have for you today are from Loretta's Pralines ( one of our two favorite types (out of all of the praline brands that we've tried - and that's far too many! ;))
Anyone excited to try a praline? Good! Because you can do just that, and help bring darling little Maeleigh home at the same time! How's that for a win-win?! 
We're donating the box of pralines (and let me tell you, it took a LOT of self-control not to devour them all instantly), so all of the profit is going straight to the s! 

Here are the details:  
What: One box of 6 delicious pralines!
When: The giveaway starts now and will end on Wednesday at noon (Central Time!). 
Where: The comfort of your own home! :)
Why?  You can be a part of Maeleigh's amazing, beautiful story!
And also, pralines. :P
All you have to do for a chance to win is donate $5 to the Barretts Reece's Rainbow page:
Then, email me at with a screenshot of the receipt you'll get when you donate.
At noon on Wednesday, we will randomly select an entry using a computer program. We'll then mail the winner their pralines!
Every entry is $5 - so the more you donate, the more likely it is that you will be the lucky praline recipient! 
And also - even if you don't want any pralines - would you share this, please? Sharing is so important and so easy!!

If you are interested in becoming a Warrior for an adopting family, please check out this link:
There is absolutely NO financial commitment - all that you're promising to do is to support them and share fundraisers. You certainly can create your own fundraisers for their adoption, and donate if you feel led to do so, but it is not a requirement at all! This is such an amazing program and there are families waiting who have requested a Warrior but not received one - so please consider whether this might be something that you could do! 

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