Sunday, January 29, 2017

Wonderful News!

Thank you all so very much for your support in the praline fundraiser! We'll be back soon (very soon!) with some new things in that vein, but for now we wanted to share some amazing news! 

We are so incredibly excited to announce that....

Beautiful Emmaline (from this post) has an awesome family working hard to bring her home where she belongs! You can read her family's story and donate to help bring Emmaline home HERE

And, if that isn't exciting enough, someone else is coming to America! 


Yes! This precious guy who is so close to our hearts is coming HOME! We have been so blessed to connect with his family, and we are planning to keep Kassi and Kiran in touch! They haven't reached the point in the process yet where we can let you know who they are, but we'll be sharing their fundraising link as soon as that happens! 

We are so thankful that these precious ones have been seen by their families! I know that both families would appreciate any prayers and support that you could give. 


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