Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Being a Cogan

Kassi is just starting to learn about her new family and the crazy things that we do! She had the perfect opportunity to see that we can 'make do' with whatever situation happens to come along when we were rescheduled onto a different flight than we were planning.

 Since it was so late by the time we knew what we would be doing, and our flight leaves at 5:30 this morning (Dallas time), we decided to catch a few hours of sleep at our gate instead of trying to get to a hotel. 

However, the gate didn't have much....pizzaz.
So we decided to add some!  

Then, instead of having to sleep awkwardly on the chairs, or on the bare floor, we pulled out our handy silks and made a house!

How cool are we? 😊

It had two rooms, walls, a ceiling, and a music system. So, while everyone else slept fitfully, we rested well and were up in perfect condition. Okay, well, it would have been better if we had gotten more than 3 hours of sleep, but still! 

Kassi also had her first meal in America!! She has decided that she REALLY likes vanilla milkshakes!! 

Adding pictures later....we have to board!

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