Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The First Week Home...

Hi there, everyone! 

We are so sorry about the delay in posting....we have been having a hectic (and amazing!) time of discovering America and getting over jet lag.  We have met new friends, gone new places, and had "a LOT of food" (Kassi's words, not mine)! 

Including those milkshakes we mentioned!

And here is another, better picture of the "Airport Fort"

Since we got home, we have been swamped in a stew of jet-lag, mixed with the invigorating feeling of finally, finally having your family together.

It was so nice to have a special dinner on our first night with 9-braid bread...

...and a beautiful fruit tart made by some sweet friends! 

The next day, we visited the "huge store"...that was a big hit and Kassi has now experienced it twice (once in PJ's!)!! 

Of course, our "huge store" has nothing on the eight story malls they have in China, although she hadn't seen many...

Kassi is beginning to learn to cook! Our Mawmaw wasn't feeling very well, so we made her some pumpkin muffins and carrot soup! 

We ate a couple (dozen) ourselves, as well...😉

She is learning to cut safely - without fingers under the knife! 

Puzzles are also a great source of fascination (she had never seen one before)!  From 24 piece ones...

To 550! (We all worked on the big one together) 

So long for now! We are having fun as a family and loving it!!! 

We'll be back soon with more pictures...


  1. Thank you so much! I'm glad that you are following along - we are hoping to get another update out very soon!