Monday, August 1, 2016

The Long Road Home

Hello friends!! 
We will be going "back in time" and filling in the story of our trip, but for now, we are heading HOME!!!!! We tried to post in the airport there, but the internet just didn't work. 

We left Guangzhou early yesterday morning (China time), and flew to Beijing. After that was the LOOOOONG flight from Beijing to Dallas, TX! 12 1/2 hours on a plane! Kassi did wonderfully, and she says that flying on airplanes is the most fun ever! 

We were scheduled to leave Dallas for Tallahassee 1 1/2 hours after we arrived. Unfortunately, we had to complete Kassi's immigration paperwork; claim our checked bags; go through customs; re-check our bags; and go through security again before finally making our way to the gate. This....didn't happen. So, we missed our flight (although they re-booked us because they shouldn't have cut it so close), and we will have to leave early tomorrow morning (Dallas time). 

We did have the wonderful opportunity for Kassi to meet her "Grandma Cogan" while we were here, though!! Since she lives only an hour's flight away, she flew in to meet us in Dallas. She was able to give Kassi her birthday gifts and spend a little time with us, and she is headed home later tonight. 

The moment that Kassi's feet touched the ground when she stepped off the plane, she became an American citizen!!!! She was so excited and is very ready to be home and meet her brothers, sister, Mawmaw and many, many friends! 

For our local friends - we would love to see some friendly faces at the airport! We should be coming in at around 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, and we'll post details as soon as we know! 

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