Friday, August 26, 2016

Do You Remember....

The Masse family

Their family has been such a blessing through our journey! They have prayed, supported, and helped and helped to fundraise (special thank you post coming soon)! 

This past June, their house was lost in a fire.  Thankfully, everyone was safe, but they lost the majority of their treasured possessions and their home must be rebuilt AND...

they are in the process of bringing home their newest little one, beautiful Tessa (picture here:, and are currently waiting for LOA from China! 

Now, we would like to help them bring Tessa home!!!

The Masses designed these beautiful T-Shirts which are so appropriate for this journey and something to remember every day. 

The prices for these super soft shirts are between $20 and $25 (depending on the style), with a flat shipping fee of $5 for every order.

This is the link to order your T-shirts - check it out and find your favorite style and color!  You can do SO much!!!

They are taking orders for roughly 2 more weeks. 

Please let me know if you have any trouble! 

Thank you so much for helping to get this incredible family to their incredible daughter! 


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