Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Big Day!

Introducing....Kai Nicholas Cogan, age 10:

And....Kade Jackson Cogan, age 4:

Today was a huge day for Kai and Kade! They were re-aged, re-named and re-adopted - all in one day!!

Before today, their official records stated Kai as turning 13 and Kade turning 8 this July.  

We had felt even in the first weeks that this wasn't right, and our suspicions were just confirmed when we came home. We consulted doctors and dentists, had bone scans done, and Mama and Daddy used their own (very accurate) judgement to try and find a good estimate. 

The consensus, agreed to wholeheartedly by the boys, was that the best ages would be 10-turning-11 and 4-turning-5. Today, the process is complete and the boys now have official birthdays of July 2nd (Kade) and July 5th (Kai)!! 

It gives them so much security to be able to answer the question "how old are you?" 

Another issue that came up after coming home with them was names. We had kept their Chinese names as middle names, because we didn't know what they would want to be called. However, once we were settled in a bit, they both decided that they wanted very, very much to never hear those names again! 

Kai would get so sad at Shriner's each visit, because they printed his legal name (including his Chinese middle name) on his bracelet. 

After much thought, the names that were chosen are: 

Kai Nicholas (after Daddy!) Cogan 
Kade Jackson (after Mama's grandfather, our Papa AJ!) Cogan!! 

This makes them so very happy! 

Re-adoption is just a formality. It helps with being able to get a birth certificate, and multiple other things that they will encounter later in life. 

All in all, it was a good and eventful afternoon! Thank you to the amazing helpers who worked through the legal red tape with us!!! 

Karwen also needs to have her re-adoption and re-naming completed, but we have decided to do that after Kassi comes home - not too long now!

Just 16 days until we're on a plane! 

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