Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Article 5

Guess what came in an email earlier today? 

"The NVC may email your GUZ# and Invoice ID# before sending your actual cable letter. Receiving the GUZ# and Invoice ID# allows you to fill out the DS260, but your Article 5 is not complete without the cable letter."  

Isn't that great?! 

In English, that just means that we've reached another milestone - our Article 5 is being processed! The Article 5 is just a paper stating that Kassi may come to the U.S. and become a citizen.  

According to this....

*This wonderful graphic was not created by us, but I'm not sure who the original creator was*

We are waiting on step 11! 

It's now less than 30 days until we will be with Kassi!!

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