Monday, June 6, 2016

Who, What, Where, When, and Why?

One question that we have been asked quite frequently lately is "who all is going to China?"

In answer to that, here are our travel plans with a little bit of added information.

The last two trips, we have all gone, but that was simply not feasible this time.  Karwen is not ready for another trip back, and Kai and Kade aren't either.  (They are looking forward to the time when they will be!) Also, purchasing plane tickets for 9 people was not within reach in so short a time frame!  (Kolya, Kellin and Kenley are funding their own travel, so the only tickets that we are raising funds for are Mama, Daddy and Kassi!)

Things got even more complicated because almost a year ago, Daddy had committed to a conference trip in England.  We had already made plane tickets and hotel reservations, as well as Daddy speaking at the conference (twice), so backing out would have been very difficult.  We kids are blessed to be able to take some of the trips with Daddy and this time Kenley and Kolya were booked to go. Thankfully, the dates coincide almost perfectly, so when they get back, the girls can stay on England time, and have only half of the jet-lag.

Now, for the dates.  Hold on to your hats!

July 5:  Kenley, Kolya and Daddy leave for London.
July 14:  Kenley, Kolya and Daddy get back from England.
July 16:  Kenley, Kolya and Mama leave at 6:30 am for Zhengzhou, China.
July 17:  Arrive Zhengzhou 10 pm
July 18:  (Hopefully) Gotcha Day!!!!
July 20:  Homebase team situated in their camps 
July 21:  6:30 am Kellin and Daddy leave for Guangzhou, China 
July 22:  Rendezvous with all of the China travelers in Guangzhou, (it's our turn for Gotcha Day!!)
July 23:  Maw Maw arrives Tally to head Mission Control
July 28:  Tentative consulate date (We are making a guess. This will be updated as soon as we find out!)
July 31:  8:30 am Headed home
August 1:  4:55 arrive DFW and Kassi walks off of the plane as an American!!!  9:43 pm HOME!

Meanwhile, stationed at the home base are our mission control members: Karwen, Kai, and Kade.

Travel is getting so close!  See you very soon, Kassi! 

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