Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lots of Progress!

We are now OOT (Out of Translation)! 

Our dossier has been reviewed and we are matched with Kassi's file!! 

And...our LOA is on the way to our agency's office!!! 

We are winding up our red thread and getting SO close! 

If that's not enough exiting news, we also received updated pictures!! When asked whether Kassi had anything that she wanted to ask or tell us, she said that she would just like to know when we are coming for her, and whether it can be very soon! 

Just over a month now, and we will have this beautiful little girl:

in our arms forever! 



  1. So exciting!! I just can't wait to see her home with you all! Sending prayers!

    1. Yes! We can't wait until she's here! Thank you so much for your prayers and all of your support!