Sunday, June 19, 2016

Ten Great Things About Daddy:

Dear Kassi,
It is Father's Day here in America, a day when we get together to celebrate all the great things that dads around the world have done, and are doing.

To celebrate today with you, we thought that we would put a list together of some great things about your new Daddy.

1. He will always take care of us and keep us safe - no matter what! 

2. He listens and tries so hard to make everyone happy! 

3. He is so loving, funny, gentle and kind! 

4. He loves traveling (especially camping), fishing, and gardening! 

5. He likes to play all kinds of games with his family! 

6. He is a math professor, and is very smart! He teaches the big kids' math, and he helps with the little 4, too! Just wait until you meet the math gnomes...

7. He loves reading - he has read us all stories for all of our time in this family - and reads Mama to sleep every night! 

8. He likes to cook with the kids! He has taught all 6 of us how to cook from the first few years of them being in our family, and he can't wait to teach you, too! 

9. He likes to play outside with everyone!

10. He gives the nicest hugs! 

Your Daddy loves you so very, very much - it will be quite a while before you know just how much!  He can't wait to finally come and get you!!

Happy Father's Day to fathers of all kinds! Thank you for everything that you do! 


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